Book This Band

Trey Roque – Available For (Almost) All Instances Where Live Rock Music Is A Necessity

You may be wondering – “How do I book this band?”

Book this band for:

  • Regular shows for bars and music venues
  • Festivals
  • Support slots
  • As a standby band for venues who’s booking just quit late
  • As a backing band, subject to taste
  • Recording sessions and soundtracks
  • Songwriting to order
  • Licensing for any media

We also provide excellent value in musical education:

  • Band workshops
  • Instrumental tuition
  • Songwriting tuition
  • Seminars on songwriting, music business, and running a band for the 21st century

And why not have music for those special moments in your life?

  • For parties, be they at home, not at home; on cruise ships, trams, buses and – yes – even airplanes
  • Roque’n'roll engagement, wedding, and divorce parties
  • Wakes, to rouse the dead

Trey Roque can also kick out the jams for:

  • Military entertainment
  • Office parties and other gin-soaked celebrations
  • Conferences, promotional events, product launches, and other corporate shows.

Did we miss anything?

We’ve 80+ songs to choose from, so tailoring a set – either electric or acoustic – to suit your needs is no problemo. We can cover the following genres, with style and ease:

  • Classic rock, super-70s style, with a smear of Ziggy’s greasepaint
  • Blues, as long as it roques, more Led Zep than BB King
  • Jazz, louche and smokin’, JJ Cale in the Long Goodbye
  • Acoustic singer-songwriter, where Bruce Springsteen gets a little unplugged.
  • We might even write something specially for you, if you have good bone-structure or ask nice!

Email Trey at: [email protected] to get things roquing ‘n’ rolling.

We aim to please.