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As you might expect, this is the music store, where we sell our life-enhancing wares.

Select one of the four images in the music store player at the foot of the page, hit the play button for a preview, hit the buy button if you like it. Let the CDBaby store do the rest – it’s uberly, totally secure for purchases.

Any problems, send us an email.


What’s the story with the EP?

Seeing as we’re a fledgling, self-funded outfit, we could only record four of our songs. ,,To je škoda,” as they say in our parts.

You see, as we know over 60 Trey Roque originals – and we play a different set every show to keep it fresh for y’all – it was a real challenge to decide which songs to do. We’re really looking forward to getting more out there – and every bit of support helps.

You’d be surprised at the number of people needed to bring any music project together, all of whom are expert professionals who make their living helping the music reach you. Every time you pay for your music, you’re keeping that ecosystem alive, so we can all bring more music to you in the future.

We’ve had a lot of love from Soundevice studio’s Boris Carloff (a man of many parts!), and Velvet Mastering‘s Ivo, plus the nurturing hand of Renata at Fermata to bring the CD itself into life. For international digital distribution, we hooked-up with CDBaby for a fab package, who are the guys found below, providing our music store.

If the iTunes or Amazon music stores are your thing, check us out yonder. While those big boys take a fair cut more from us than CDBaby for their services, it’s more important that you get our music through someone you’re comfortable with than the less salubrious alternatives. Either way, we’re rooster-proud of any sales we make.

So turn it on, turn it up loud – and roque on!


What’s the story with the eagles?

Here at Power’s Towers, with the battle-cry of the kestrel, jacket-jak* of the jackdaw, and pipit of the ever-so-umble great tit, we twitch like there’s no tomorrow. In simpler terms – we love our birds. No, really, when we say birds, we means birds.

So what better way to celebrate it than through inviting two of our feathered friends to represent the themes of the music below?

And you got to admit, it’s a doggam fine piece of work by Richard Costin. Consider the sub-zero temperatures and patience required to catch that image! Props to the man.

Oh yeah, and thanks also to Tino, for making us look good while not ruffling any feathers.

* Yes, I been speaking Czechlish far too long! It’s ‘yackety-yack’.