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Trey Plays Magistrala

Part of a fab fest aimed at regenerating the Magistrala at IP Pavlova – come on over! August 7, 20:00

Salivating at the prospect of playing IP Pavlova. Doggam!


In the spirit of his new acoustic-guitar music (Trey & the elves are still busy at work), Trey will be playing the CCEA-managed urban regeneration fest.

The project is a two-week long fest of music, open-air movie screenings, fussball and chess tournaments, and pleasant outdoor refreshments. Let’s hope the good weather holds!

CCEA’s idea is to highlight the need for a better solution for pedestrians and people who want to use the space for something better than …. cars. Here’s how it is now:

Trey Plays Magistrala

Magistrala as it is – not much majesty, is there?

And here’s a few pics for how it will be:

Trey Plays Magistrala

Magistrala with fab street art.

Trey Plays Magistrala

Of course – the area will be buzzing with lovely people. And there just may be different types of cars in the street – but that’s architectural licence for you!

Trey will be premiering a clutch of fab new songs, plus all those faves you know so well. AND it’ll be a bit safer for your ears!


Wednesday – August 7, at 20:00. A full hour or more!

In the spirit of Bruce Springsteen, he’ll be playing until they shut the lights off. Trey will also be taking requests from his back catalogue (yeah, we know ;-)). Macht shau!

How much?

Free. Though Trey will be selling his Eagles EP for those of you who love a little hard roquin’ and want to support the artist.

What do I got to do to take part in roque history?

Come on – come over! Get your sexy self down to IP Pavlova, Praha, and then use this uberly simple map.

Trey Plays Magistrala

Download & print this map.

Naturally, enjoy all the other lovely happenings too – Trey promises not to get too jealous.

Spread the word with a programme. We’ve highlighted Trey, for those of you who see as badly as he does.

Trey Plays Magistrala


Weeds are tumbling down…

Trey & the Roque Elves Busy Recording ... Teh Internetz Want to Know Whys

A quick update on Trey recording his latest album….

We is still trying to get that perfect balance of bat of wing and eye of newt – all for your magickal listening pleasure. Promising oodles of new songs, plus a few you’ve only heard in ‘roque’ format – all on the flying carpet of the acoustic guitar. Shazam!

In the meantime:

Tumbleweed 02


… Now, is it stir anti-clockwise 43 times, and clockwise 34? Or …?

Free Music for the un-Valentines

One from the heart for singletons

Only a wee bit of free music can soothe the savage heart

on this day of unfulfillable expectations, lousy restaurants, tasteless gifts and eggshell conversations.

And, no, Xmas hasn’t come early today.

My gift to frustrated lovers everywhere – an un-Valentine’s song as you’re going to get. Replete with acoustic band, harpsichord, and blemishes – though some of us like our blemishes, for they reveal the real meaning of beauty.

For all the singletons, one from the heart.

Force Majeure

True love, fallen from the skies above, is a feeling best kept close to heart
Once opened gates let flood waters inundate, when they’re gone what can be done to go on?

“Someone always pays”

Shooting stars are but collisions from afar, for all their beauty, and they’re meaningless
You’re in my constellation for all time, but am past you, across the universe

“Someone always pays
No one ever stays”

Word and music (C) A Power 2013.

Use the comments box to let me know where the blemishes are!

Dalmatian crossing pond