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Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya!

The Story Behind the Song – Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya!

What happens when you mix Yorkshire lasses with the Muppets? Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya!

If I had any hair left, I’d say this was about a bad hair day. Or sod’s law. But, really, it’s a diary entry in running a band – it’s a long way from the bottom when you wanna roque’n’roll.

As for the music, while this sounds like a homage to the White Stripes – which would be praise indeed – I wrote the guitar riff on my acoustic. Am just too doggam lazy to flick a switch and hit a power chord.

When I hear a rock band about to kick it up a notch, they got to drop a gear down to get the revs. This was my inspiration for that B-A-E-G move to A5 for the verse, where am giving it some Whole Lotta Rosie. That bit where Mal Young is jamming on one chord for, like, foreeeeveeeer. Nice.

The mid section was me imagining a circus acrobat’s act, Gonzo fired from a cannon straight into the passenger seat of a Key Lime Pie-coloured Cadillac driven by the revomatic Lena Headey. Lucky Gonzo. In the absence of that marquee I had to put in a little schau. Great fun to play, that bit.

My last nod was, por supeusto, to Morricone and that tune from il Bueno, il Bruto, il Cattivo. Not only does the printed lyric not resemble what am yelling, it’s a placeholder for any Anglo-Saxonism you care to insert when things feck up.

I hope Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya! is just as evocative for you as it is for me.

rock music kicking more ass than a bad burro Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya! Trey Roque


Just prove that you cannot make anything up anymore, nossir! Here’s something I just stumbled on in writing this post.

Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya! indeed.

Something Ain’t Right

The Story Behind the Song – Something Ain't Right

Or ‘How A Murder Ballad Gets Itself Writ’

I either begin writing a song with a tune in my head, or start with the chords. I do love me a sweet chord progression, and I believe I got the one for Something Ain’t Right from Schubert – after watching Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon a bahzillion times. Schubert got his idea from a Swedish folk song back in 1827, Kubrick’s movie was in 1975, and I began writing mine in 2008. Ain’t that a grand lineage?

I was visiting a friend in the USA, writing songs on his porch and looking for an agent for my science-fiction novel, in between times meddling with them chords. He was having a little woman trouble, and I picked out a thread from it and spun my own tale of paranoid jealousy. With a little help from Marvin Gaye. I put the verse and chorus together real easy once I knew which direction I was going in (that’s always the hardest part), but there was something lacking…. or ain’t right. It felt incomplete.

That didn’t stop me playing the tune live, though – and when you have to put a song out before an audience you really feel the bumps of it. I had a filler mid section – and, boy, did it feel fillery. I knew I wanted a chromatic, perhaps cheesy, return from the mid to the refrain/ chorus, but what to do in the meantime evaded me until 2011. I guess I lost my rag a bit and simply hit two chords hard – trying to snap myself out of the oh-so-seductive sequence. It worked.

The Fmi and Dmi staccato really adds the chili-pepper to the whipped-cream verses, and reveals the frustrated fury beneath the entire lyric. I don’t usually write tunes with a storyline, much less take three years to do so, but I have to admit – this one sounds so good it doesn’t sound like me, it sounds like a band I really love. And that, gentlepersons, is why I do it.

So, here she is – Something Ain’t Right.


BTW, you can get Kubrick’s movie and the music over on iTunesazom. Enjoy!


© A Power

Chart News – We Is Now #24!

Check it out! Gwaihir the Wind Lord* (as seen on our EP cover) is surely helping us in the Reverbnation Prague Chart

Trey rocking out after getting the chart newsChart news – we are now #24 in the charts! Hell yeah!

Thanks to all you luberly listeners, clickers, sharers and roque music lovers out there. Our star is rising, and we will take you there….

Yeah, that got a bit too much, but you know what we mean – you guys roque!

Don’t forget to check out our other tunes in our store, and come see us at our next show. We’ll have CDs available to make that perfect March madness gift!

*For more about our favourite prison-breaker himself.

Photo by Tino.

Trey Roque – EP Launch – Tonight!

Looking forward to a hard night’s rocking at Kastan tonight

with the Americana-meister himself as special guest, Jonathan Gaudet.

Here’s our fab album cover:


It’ll be a night of solidly fabulous music and fun, so bring your hands, bring your friends and bring the love.

Start: 20:00
Door: 130kc

VFM = value for money ;-


Our Songs Are Now In CDBaby Store

Trey Roque EP

After much blood, sweat, tears, and broken china, we’re proud to announce our EP is now online at CDBaby.

Check it out on our fably new Store page.

If, however, you’re more comfortable withy iTunes or Amazon, the songs will be up for purchase in local currencies in a week.


See you at the show tonight – where, naturally, we’ll be seriously roquing these tunes!

Oh yeah – if you’d like a CD copy, either email us or order one at the show tonight.

Blood, Sweat, Beers ‘n’ Tears

EP Launch

Fab news – not only will we be kicking uber-ass at our KASTAN show, with Jonathan Gaudet supplying a whirlwind tour of North American blues….

The band will be launching their new EP!

Imaginatively titled ‘Trey Roque’ – out the same day on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and all other quality digital outlets.

With any luck, our CDs will be there for sale too! (Logistical gremlins aside).

Feel free to pre-order by email: . There are four fantabulous original tracks:





We also got a lovely review from Adriana over on Musicweb. Polish your Czech! (Or use Google translate and a soupcon of imagination).


Are We Rolling, Bob?

Trey Roque Online

Finally, the TREY ROQUE website is up. Phew!
 We been slaving over hot code to bring you the best in Prague roquin. And here we is.


2013 promises to be la gran puta madre of a year – as long as them crazy Mayans don’t turn up and serve our hearts up to Quetzalcoatl.

We got our first EP* out early January. W00t! Sign
up for the release date, why dontcha – you’ll find it when you hit the Sign up for our free newsletter! link, top right.

We be going on tour through the whole of fricken Central Europe! If you ask nicely, we’ll come play in your town. We is just dying to meet you.

Merch will be happening – some TR tees to tickle your sartorial tastebuds.

We are definitely rolling, Bob.

Trey in the studio

* Dad, what’s an EP?