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Free Music for the un-Valentines

One from the heart for singletons

Only a wee bit of free music can soothe the savage heart

on this day of unfulfillable expectations, lousy restaurants, tasteless gifts and eggshell conversations.

And, no, Xmas hasn’t come early today.

My gift to frustrated lovers everywhere – an un-Valentine’s song as you’re going to get. Replete with acoustic band, harpsichord, and blemishes – though some of us like our blemishes, for they reveal the real meaning of beauty.

For all the singletons, one from the heart.

Force Majeure

True love, fallen from the skies above, is a feeling best kept close to heart
Once opened gates let flood waters inundate, when they’re gone what can be done to go on?

“Someone always pays”

Shooting stars are but collisions from afar, for all their beauty, and they’re meaningless
You’re in my constellation for all time, but am past you, across the universe

“Someone always pays
No one ever stays”

Word and music (C) A Power 2013.

Use the comments box to let me know where the blemishes are!

Dalmatian crossing pond