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Song o’ the Mornin’ – Frank Zappa’s King Kong

"We're involved in a... sort a... low-key war against apathy.... Something's gotta be done before America [redacted] up the world and [redacted] on it."

Thus speaks Frank Zappa, the man who understood personal branding and the music industry long before it understood itself.

Comment aside, Trey stuck his head in the office and said two words – King. And, Kong.* This left the crew, our intern especially, scratching our cobnuts trying to solve the riddle. Yes, it was before noon and, yes, after Trey’s first coffee of the day and, no, he wasn’t wearing his customary slippers and bedtime onesie. This could only mean one thing – so we raided his iTunes search field to find out.

The actual tune begins at 2:35.

BTW, a search in the iTunes store reveals hella‡ songs called King Kong, and FZ’s stuff can actually be found there now. King Kong variations take up side four (side four! Them were the days!) of the LP Uncle Meat.

Naturally, TR has FZ on CD, as you never know when the spirit of Steve Jobs will rise out of the Internet and take back all your music you bought. He still can certainly make it hard for you to play it on your devices….. Devices!°

Here’s the studio version, with the obstreperous genius Jean Luc Ponty:

And one with FZ’s 80s band, who we don’t care for all that much. Is kinda soulless, compared to the 70s ensembles, especially. But for a middle-aged guy who scorns Californication, FZ is in damn good shape.

Son of Zappa, Dweezil, also turns this tune out with his high-school band (kidding!). Unfortunately, we could only source a version with the stickety Chick Corea∡:


* Yes, we didn’t know how to punctuate that either. 

‡ Do people still say ‘hella’? That seems to have gone the way of the minidisc.

° Another Zappa quote. Miniquote. Snippet. And it has nothing to do with anything using an OS.

∡ Yeah, we did wake up with a snarky woof today.

Nirvana Guys Talk to NPR About In Utero’s Gestation

Holy Gettingoldfastcrap Batman! Can't Believe It's Been Bloody 20 Years!

Here at Power’s Towers we have a strict policy on stringing stories – we’re forever stopped our interns from posting news just, y’know, to get something on the board for the week. Ne! We aim for quality posts, and quality posts is what we shall have.

Having said that, we’re going to make ourselves lairs and let you know about the fabtastic Nirvana interview on NPR’s All Songs Considered, where the boys talk about the behind the scenesing of making their last studio LP.

Anyway, brushing tears of nostalgia aside, we highly recommend the NPR ASC podcast too. It’s brought a lot of inneresting music into the office, life, universe, etc.

And to finish, here’s producer-engineer Steve Albini’s famous letter to Nirvana prior to recording In Utero. It’s pure Albini – opinionated, visionary and quote worthy*. We really can’t wait till Trey gets his ass into Albini’s studio for what would be a fricken amazing roquing selection of tasty cuts.


Here’s the overalled man in action:

The man has chops in Japanese!

And what must be one of the best interviews with Steve-san:




..no interference from the front office bulletheads.

Going That Extra Mile for Music

You may not notice the screw-ups, but we sure do!

Okay, agreed, enough already! Music needs imperfections for our analogue brains to dig.

This is one reason why so-called dance music sucks. And it’s not the only one, but we digress.

From James Jamerson paying a major triad over the minor in Bernadette:

To Freddie singing flat and drowning the microphone:

“Who gives a doggam if the music is cookin’?” I hear you bellow. And we at Power’s Towers agree.

But sometimes there’s the kind of howler maybe only musos – or the truly fan/tastic – get. And here’s one, for your edification and listening pleasure, a fab song with a cheeky alternative guitar solo to the LP:

The Power’s Towers are so into Brian at the mo – his uberly musical approach to guitars, in the bish-bash-bosh arena of rock guitar no less, is unparalleled. Really. He’s like the whole guitar section of Freebird in one skinny, man with a ‘fro.

This mistake is so minor (at 2:11), but I feel his pain as he shakes his head, knowing full well that one day someone will create YouTube, dig out an old video, and put this minor flub online for the world to see and cop.

For that, is for nothing else – and there is so much more else – we got to love our Brian. Going the extra mile for music.

We promise you lovely people the same attention to detail – to keep the screw-ups that enhance the sound, and to put a Paddington Bear hard stare on those that don’t.

Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya!

The Story Behind the Song – Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya!

What happens when you mix Yorkshire lasses with the Muppets? Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya!

If I had any hair left, I’d say this was about a bad hair day. Or sod’s law. But, really, it’s a diary entry in running a band – it’s a long way from the bottom when you wanna roque’n’roll.

As for the music, while this sounds like a homage to the White Stripes – which would be praise indeed – I wrote the guitar riff on my acoustic. Am just too doggam lazy to flick a switch and hit a power chord.

When I hear a rock band about to kick it up a notch, they got to drop a gear down to get the revs. This was my inspiration for that B-A-E-G move to A5 for the verse, where am giving it some Whole Lotta Rosie. That bit where Mal Young is jamming on one chord for, like, foreeeeveeeer. Nice.

The mid section was me imagining a circus acrobat’s act, Gonzo fired from a cannon straight into the passenger seat of a Key Lime Pie-coloured Cadillac driven by the revomatic Lena Headey. Lucky Gonzo. In the absence of that marquee I had to put in a little schau. Great fun to play, that bit.

My last nod was, por supeusto, to Morricone and that tune from il Bueno, il Bruto, il Cattivo. Not only does the printed lyric not resemble what am yelling, it’s a placeholder for any Anglo-Saxonism you care to insert when things feck up.

I hope Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya! is just as evocative for you as it is for me.

rock music kicking more ass than a bad burro Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya! Trey Roque


Just prove that you cannot make anything up anymore, nossir! Here’s something I just stumbled on in writing this post.

Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya! indeed.

Cafe Na Pul Cesty Show… Better Late Than… Bleh

Thanks to all you lovely people – you roque us!

As the title says – thanks for coming to the show!

I’ve been sick as a small puppy in a box since then, and had to get my biz back on track, so haven’t had the time to let you guys know – you roqued!

Also, thanks to Tomas and the bar staff for making us feel welcome. We had a fab time.

Prague's best rock band

Chart News – We Is Now #24!

Check it out! Gwaihir the Wind Lord* (as seen on our EP cover) is surely helping us in the Reverbnation Prague Chart

Trey rocking out after getting the chart newsChart news – we are now #24 in the charts! Hell yeah!

Thanks to all you luberly listeners, clickers, sharers and roque music lovers out there. Our star is rising, and we will take you there….

Yeah, that got a bit too much, but you know what we mean – you guys roque!

Don’t forget to check out our other tunes in our store, and come see us at our next show. We’ll have CDs available to make that perfect March madness gift!

*For more about our favourite prison-breaker himself.

Photo by Tino.