"And A Merry Xmas to You, Sir!"

Yuletide greetings etc., etc. from Power's Towers. We wish you all the best for the season, and delight and edification for 2018.

In the spirit of which, perhaps you would like to do the musical equivalent of pouring Bailey's into your ear? That is, check out the latest releases from the NIGHT FOR DAY LP:

– Cat

– Vertigo

And for Xmas day itself!

– Every Smile

Note that EVERY SMILE will be online from Xmas :D

A mood for all seasonal occasions.

And if this isn't enough, NIGHT FOR DAY is now available on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Pandora, Deezer – and all other reputable and disreputable streaming services. Give us a spin, and we may just love you forever.

Finally – news on the Trey front. On Friday 22 December 2017, Trey polished off his 101st song of the year! It's been a time for climbing mountains and speed sledging on a guitar – and every moment has been worth it. Thanks to everyone who has given him the support that's helped make this happen.

So - a shedful of NEW MUSIC for 2018! W0000t!





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