Axl/ DC – Roquin' It For Real

Here at Power's Towers we couldn't believe the reflected light into our eyesockets that Axl Rose would be playing with AC/DC on their latest tour.

Like, that's about as crazy as G'n'R getting back together.... Er! Hold up!

So, we pulled some money from down the back of the couch and ponied up for a ticket. Front of stage, naturally.

The verdict is – 100% pure roquin' entertainment. There are two litmus tests for how good a show is:

1. You're totally forgetting all your life shiitake and what a knob you might look as you wig out.

2. You listen to the band's music all day next day, and savour the musick magick.

Each of these test papers were pink. And pink is a real man's colour.  Roque on, elderly statesmen of hard playin boogie!

Axl was up and hobbling for the Prague show.

He also got all the words right for us :-P

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