Belatedly Missed – Elliot Smith

Elliot was a master of the twisted common expression, fingerpicking acoustic guitar in the face of grunge, and a "spidery" voice shot straight to the heart of anyone ever not part of the bumbling masses.

Maddeningly, there is no way to actually buy this song......

FWIW, this song has a "Verse A, Chorus, Verse B" structure with an interesting modulation. Not that anyone gives a doggam, only maybe Elvis in this tune:

And Trey, in The Bloody Rose Called Love (unrecorded, but if you ask nicely, he will play it live).

Footnote: Elliot, like Kurt, topped himself, and his ouevre is something of a suicide note. It is NOT better to burn out than fade away, it's better to live and sing another day.

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