Beyond the Ego & Inspiration

Sometimes you got to go beyond your ego, your envy, and your crap chops.

And, if someone is going to do it, it's going to be John "Mahavishnu" McLaughlin. The man from Doncaster.

Macca, as we call him chez Roque, came to notice playing guitar for Miles Davis back in the 60s. Frankly, he's the best heir apparent from that stable – for his phenomenal virtuosity, compositions and humongous cojones to stray into whatever genre of music his muse led him.

And he's also a good-looking charismatic bastard. This is really where the ego takes a kicking.

All that aside, here's Macca in full form. All you musicians, listen and weep.

And this ...

All of which may require some patience, which will be paid-off amply.

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