Birthday Trifecta! – Kate, Geddy n Elliot!

Some people feel the cold more than others, and they tend to 'pour the biskwik+' sooner than hardier types.

So after them ugggin the bumplies** – we get a clutch of birthdays bumped in the summer.

Now – imagine a band made up of these glittering solstician [Eh?: Ed] musical comets? [Too much, too much!: Ed]. This could just be comprised of today's blog-topics. Q.v. the post title.

Geddy Lee (29 July) needs no introduction to those who know him. Obviously. Another roquin' Jew bringing the rocket sauce to l'universe – a blog we'll be posting sometime... sometime.

Trey reports Geddy's monstrous bass style as being a kickstarting ingredient to his nascent playing, before he found the Mahavishnu Orchestra – which roqued ass but, sadly, never did have a bass player to meet the groove. The satellite-scratching vocals were always good for a laugh too. Still is.

Here's Geddy in action. Check him out on Cygnus X-1, if you've the time.

Kate (30 July) wasn't much older than Trey* when he, and much of the male planet, were mesmerized by her tsunami of vocal gymnastics and stylings, eerie erotic music, and .... eerily erotic music. Needing ivy on the ivories. Videos in much demand at vid-swapping sessions. But really, lock us up with an album cover and an afternoon with the family out, and we were in heaven. There was and never will be any woman like her. [And where can I get that shade of lipstick?: Ed]

Here's Jude's patron saint, Elliot, once more (6 August). His power is of the fogs that crowd the silent seas, the mists in the darkest Germanic forests, and the noir fug of LA.

This – by way of saying a happy birthday to all! Youse make the world a better place.



** Thanks again, TWD quotes from Sgt Abraham Ford. Great diction, dude.
* She still is.

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