Clutch Hitter's Song @ Stara Mydlarna – You Guys Roque!

The old soap factory certainly cleans it up on the roque front.

Rarely have we been treated so nicely (thanks Eda!), had such great sound (thanks Ruda!), and great bar staff (we got too drunk to recall). And, no doubt, a lovely audience who'd we love to take home, even though we've only a crunchy sofa bed and gin in the fridge for accomodations.

Stara Mydlarna is a wicked cool place in Melnik (!yes!), harking back to the golden age of rock'n'roll, i.e. the 70s. To wit:

And lovely sound. Like here:

Just watch for the chordal fluffs Trey shakes off like dandruff on a comb-over. You heard 'em, he felt 'em.

Trey even got the chance to contribute some decorating.

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