The day after the Axl/DC show, Trey spoke a bit louder than usual. It was also a good opportunity to ask for favours, as his only response was, "Yeah?".

While 'DC may not today reach their historic 130dB (dB= decibels) of rock climbing (!), front of stage was about 110dB *+ the screaming of surrounding ladies in the range of 1-5K, the most sensitive range of hearing for males. Sorry, everyone.

There's another Scots connection here though, as the decibel is 10th of a "Bell", after the famous Scottish telephonist. This is probably why rock music is measured in 'em.

Oh, and he's a gander at one of the many implausibilities of the Walking Dead franchise:

Spurious correlations aside, even non-rockers (yes, they exist) are subject to bleedin' tonnes of dB from background transport noise, chatter, and being on the yellow line on the Prague metro (which must get up to 130dB in places).

So when you keep upping the volume on your MP3 player of choice, don't forget that you're adding to the dB's your wee shell-like ears are being hammered with already.

But then, sometimes, that's half the fun.

* Note the Howizter-like car airbag might just blow your drums out too.

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