Good News, Bad News

Hey Roque-fans! We've a classic balls-up to report – which, in the spirit of marketing spin, we're seeing as a glass-half-full kinda type situation.

The cock-up? Take a look at this track listing on the CD:

Now listen to "side-B" of the CD version of Subject To Change. The first song is I Said Something. And the next?

That's right. Trey did the old switcheroo on the tracks Enchante! and Clutch Hitter's Song. Damn his eyes!

... Really, we mean it. Damn his eyes!

You know, when you look at a tree in the summertime and think, "Okay. That's a tree" and you don't actually see all the leaves on it but know there are leaves and....

Ah well, you get the picture. And that's what happened here while putting the LP together.

So that's the 'bad news'.

The 'good news' is that only 300 of these CDs were made, and there is more than likely to be a fix for the next batch, both in the interests of QC and Trey's incipient OCD-ness.

That means all these CDs are now officially collectible. Yay cock-ups!

And if you get Trey to sign them, that makes them even more collectibler.

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