Happy birthday - Dweezil Zappa!

The first rule of blogging is – never write in the browser. Yes, verily, even in 217 the fricken thing will crash and zap all you lovely textual textifications. 

Anyway, being of a positive mindset, Trey directed us to a better kind of Zap – that is, Dweezil Zappa, bearer of the flame of his pater Frank Zappa. Currently on a worldwide tour (yay!) but not coming with spitting distance of Praha (ya-booo!). 

The sensibly named Dweezil* (birth name actually Ian Donald Calvin Zappa, after the guys in the Mothers at the time) was born this day, September 5, 1969. For this writer, after stints on TV and a slew of his own LPs, Dweezil finally found his vocation with the Zappa Plays Zappa band (and, yes, they came to Praha and T missed it (ya-boo on you, Trey! Ya-boo!)). Sadly, his siblings Ahmet and Diva have been helping send lawyers’ kids to school through some truly horrendous Hollywood family schanningans. Thus, Dweezil is now playing his pop’s music under the monicker "Dweezil Zappa Plays Whatever the [email protected]%k He Wants!”, on the aptly named 'Cease & Desist' tour. That with an ampersand and a percentage sign, that is. 

Here’s Dweezil and co. on the ZPZ band’s first tour: 

And chef Trey, not remotely impressed or under the influence of Zappa Snr. 


Anyways – a big happy birthday to Dweezil Zappa!

* As he puts it, would you rather be called ‘Dick’?

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