Happy Birthday – GG!

Happy birthday, initials GG!*

Of course, that means Glenn Gould. Sadly, he’s not been around since the 80s to celebrate anything, but that should not mean we cannot raise a glass (of whatever beverage) to commemorate his genius and lavish gifts to music. 

An oft overlooked aspect to GG was the team that helped him perform – his tuner, the partialliy-sighted Verne Edquist (see the book CD318, A Romance on Three Legs), the engineers who worked often with him (see below), his famous wee chair, and the amanuensis itself – the Steinway CD318 piano he had repaired and fixed and shipped and…. Much like Theseus’ ship, it was the selfsame piano, but it was also not the piano.≠

What does 'CD318' mean? Here: 'C to denote having been made for the use of concert pianists, D to indicate it was the company's largest model, nine feet across and 1,325 lb'. Here it is being prepped as a museum piece: 

Here it is en flagrante delicto!

And some info on the man himself – but check him out on the YouTuberverse, where you’ll find a cornucopia of performances and interviews. If you’ve not encountered GG before, you’re lucky – treats like this don’t come along all that often. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, the engineers – almost forgot. And don't we all?



* A reference to a certain initials SG, who wrote a masterpiece called Initials BB.

≠ No ship puns, nautical or otherwise, intended. Just bad writing.

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