Happy Birthday – Robert 'Percy' Plant!

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, babeeee!

That last one is sung VERY high.

Robert Plant brought the thunder to an already thunderous ensemble – Pagey, Bonzo and JPJ. Starting out in Led Zeppelin at the age of 19, he was everything the roque template required of a singer – the sexual appetite of a bull on viagra, enormous lungs that could pitch stratocasterly, cod blues lyrics tinged with a tad of Tolkien, and a big tadger.

Many have been the impersonators (*cough* Mr Coverdale), but like the rest of the band – no substitutes are there to be accepted.

Here he is in his Hammer of the Gods glory. Them was different times. There's a two minute instrumental intro.....

And, FWIW, this version of Rain Song slays the studio one.

NB: For those who are interested (and, judging by YouTube comments, that be many), the girl in the castle was model Virginia Parker.

Who is now an author and painter.

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