Music On A Plate

These days, even the ever so 'umble have a stupid amount of top quality studio kit tucked away in their computer. But somehow, most of us aren't using it to make the stonkingly solid sounds of the golden age of roque n pop. Like, what gives?

One diadem in the crown of fabulicious music was – and, digitally, remains – what is called a 'plate reverb'. This simulates what most folks call 'echo', which is something else really, for the muso-minded.

Anyway, a plate reverb is a cunning device conjured from bits of space debris too sciency for us to go over, but you can see more on it here, at Abbey Road.

What matters is the emotion it stirs. Team Power's Towers did a straw poll, and we decided on using the Flamingoes' classic I Only Have Eyes For You as an example, rather than a Beatles one. Of which there are many a tasty morsel served on plates from heaven.

Put your earbuds in, and be awash in the dreamy 'verbs, and marvel at the subtlety of this arrangement. What's odd is the modern version is in luxurious stereo– when the original was recorded in mono – that means, everything! – plus a few phone books.

Is amazin how they got that sound here:

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