New Vid – Fancy My Chances

Trey don't st-st-stop da beat. Somewhere in the garage of his mind, he's writing up some new sensations for your jaded senses.+

He is always being told, by fans and the Internet-Ones-Who-Know that vid is THE way to share, and he got to starting sharing a LOT more anyways. Less living in that ivory tower is good for you, Trey! Especially when you got no hair to Rapunzel by!

To this end, he's swallowed his chagrin and started doing vids of him playing. Down to popular demand!*

Fancy My Chances is what it appears to be – some old bloke talking about that thing blokes never stop talking about. And Trey was never one for talking sports. But playing them chords is really satisfying, especially played on the Slavik, and the melody's got nice legs too. Some of those out of tune notes were meant to be. Out of tune.

Ami  /  Emaj  /  Fmaj  / C no3rd / Bb  / Emaj/B  /  Amaj/C#

F#  /  D6  /  Amaj  /  Bb6

That last part you'll see again in next week's blog – if you got a chord sequence by the throat, why not wring it?

+ Much like Mr Stiltskin.
* At least, thanks Lukas! ;-)

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