Paper Anniversary for Subject To Change – A Year Already, Like, WTF?!

Tempus fugit – or, as the Romans used to say, time flies. Our wee babby LP Subject To Change was released this time one year ago.

Here at Power's Towers, we would just like to take a moment to thank all you early birds for the support, song favourites and questions about the LP.

It really means a ton to us. It helps us choose the best songs for shows, to keep tracking Night For Day – STC's sequel – and to keep getting after it to make the Trey Roque dream a true thing.

So, feel free to stream the album here or, if you're feeling like doing a mitzvah, make a few purchases to help us out on overheads.

Either way – pax Roque!

Oh, and happy birthday to Charlie Watts! We'll be covering him sometime soon in the blog.

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