Sisyphus, Seals & Stamina

Here at Power's Towers, we like to think ourselves a bunch with catholic tastes*. No, not dodgy stuff with kitsch and child abuse, but a healthy diet of just about anything marked 100% genuine.

To wit: fab podcasts, fabulicious books, fabulastic musique, fabtasian live shows, fabagastic movies n tv, fabazing ideas and peeps who help us get through the day. Basically, anything altogether ab-fab.

If you can handle the metaphors and true stories of war, and a double helping of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu talk, then check out this podcast:

Jocko Podcast

Jocko is a decorated US Navy Seal with an appropriate voice, and a clear-eyed way of putting across content Trey can only dream of. (Like, you've read THIS blog, right? Y'know?)

From Jocko, here's insight #137. A listener asked him if he felt like the fabled SIsyphus. One might expect J to say, "No" – but instead he outflanks us with a resounding, "YES!". And, brutally paraphrased, this is why:

137. "My goal is pushing the rock. Because pushing the rock is pushing me. That makes me tough. It gives me much more than I give it." JW

As a sidebar, as we can see in the Wiki page, Sisyphus was a bit of a bugger who made Odysseus look like an ingenue. Jocko doesn't share any kinship with him on this one.

* Apparently, katholikos means universal in Greek. Huh. Ain't history full of ironies?

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