Songs to Make You Go 'Blub' - Part I

One of the beauties of music – a simple 3 minute song – is how it cuts to your core. Trey is no stranger to this and, indeed, this is his raison d'etre...

But there's no clear-cut formula for what can do it. It can be some cheesy mainstream radio crap, or something with no blues in it whatsoever, but for some reason it hits that fundamental.

Let's pursue a few of the things that make Trey go blub. After all, they all somehow end up in his music.

First up, so apropos. And Trey's seminal teenage concert. There's more to this LP than 80s bluster.

Next up, one of those left-of-field tunes.

(Apologies for having to use ripped shiitake...)

Then there's this.

Let us know what makes you blub. Maybe Trey will sing it for you when he next plays live.

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