Steely Dan & The Mu Chord

Here at Power's Towers, we thought we knew a few onions about Steely Dan. However, this fabulicious video dispels any kind of alium-oriented delusion we might have had.

However, however, it's always nice to meet someone just as nerdy as Team Trey. However digitally.

Steely Dan, named after a naughty object in William Burrough's naked lunch (an author who also gave us the Velvet Underground), were masters of their own genre – poprockjazzcynicism. Add lashings of controlled substances, and you have a short-lived recipe for some of the most innovative music that hit the charts in the 70s.

The idea anything remotely like this could do so now minds the boggle. Truly.

'Cos even Cathy Berberian knows there's one roulade she can't sing.

So kick back, with a coffee or whiskey, and melt into the groove. And check the band out where you check these things out. Nerdwriter is found on Youtube, should you require more brain caffeine.

Though, the opening chords are not mu chords.....

It's this:

|Cmaj7 Bm7+5 |Bbmaj7 Am7+5 | |Dmaj7 Dbm7+5 |Cmaj7 Bm7+5 |Ebmaj6/9 |E7+9+5 |

For more mu-magick:


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