Stranger Things – The TV Show That Toadally Owns the 80s

Trey made the mistake of getting into Netflix recently. He insists he’s not wasting time into the sinkhole of quality audio-visual entertainment, but doing ‘valuable research’.* 

One upside is there is some chewy stuff to sink your teeth into, isn’t there? Stranger Things brings the chew.

Set in early 80s ruraliana (that’s an Indianan small town), three boys are in search of their missing friend. They meet a monosyllabic girl with psychic powers and a shaved head. Meanwhile, the adults are doing stuff too – but it’s these kids who carry the show. 

For any of us in the second wave of role playing games, who hungered for a Mongoose (yeah!), and knew their D20 from their ‘critical hit’ roll, this show is peanut buttery nostalgic crack.** 

Visually, the series is taking hits from the bong of E.T. meets Goonies meets anything by Stephen King (when he too owned the 80s). And, we detect, a sliver of Cronenberg too. To the point we expect Michael Ironside to pop up and grin that sharkskin grin of his. 

The epilogue sets us up for another season, and it appears to have good viewing figures. Let’s hope it don’t get Fireflyed.

Stranger Things – so familiar


* We’d like to do that thing with the fingers, which is so much more satisfying than simple using quote marks, but we can’t. Naturally. Sometimes a meme eclipses its origins. 

** Trey may still have that wizard figure from the show, somewhere in a corner of a garage in England.

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