Stranger Things – The TV Show Theme That Owns the 80s

No, your eyeballs do not trick you, and Trey’s not being parsimonious with the blog titles (which, let’s admit it, the price goes up a dollar more).

Yes, a sweet retro title sequence. Nice and simple. In that Stephen King font.* 

Yes again, nice warm synths, with echoes of Tangerine Dream, the music from Salem’s Lot, and prolly an early Cronenberg joint.

The mix is pretty darn good at keeping the simple pulse going, while shifting our attention around a bit in the stereo field. 

And we can’t forget the Eurythmics, when they was good and creepy. 

One to sing while in the echoey hall of your friendly neighbourhood apartment block. With the lights out.

Here’s what we heard during our seance.

And more classique shivering tones of Trey’s hometown band, Echo and the Bunnymen. Good to hear music supervisors kicking ass.

If we missed anything out, let us know. 

(Yeah, maybe Trey really was doing research after all).

BTW, get the CD, as the MP3s lack 3D depth.


* ITC Benguiat. Let it not be said we don’t pay lip service to our research duties. Especially when Trey’s in the office. 

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