'SUBJECT TO CHANGE' – New Full-Length LP to be Released This May!

After much Murphy's Law, K2-sized learning curves and false promises, the new LP is gonna be OUT! W00t!

Titled SUBJECT TO CHANGE, it boasts 14 tracks of singer-songwriter goodness. Oh my!

Trey is playing all the instruments he plays on it and none of those instruments he doesn't play. Tracked, arranged, produced, and mixed himself. It's like a gesamkunstwerk for the lonely, a soup-to-nuts affair..... Wait.... Don't hold that thought.

"But is this just another bloke noodling on an acoustic guitar?"  we hear you ask. The answer is, "Ne!"

SUBJECT TO CHANGE will waggle your ears with a dazzling ear-buffet of genres, textures and emotions. If you don't like a song – skip to the next, it will be, like, toadally different. If you do like a song – tell your friends.

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