The Beauty of Charlie Watts

Not that Charlie's losing any sleep about what we at Power's Towers think, but here's our 'appenyworth.

As we writ at length in a previous post – great drums need two elements. A simple 2-3 mic setup, a room, and a swinging drummer.

And, yes, that's two elements. Mebbe even one.

After all, no one breaks a delish beer into its component parts, does they? And there's only 4!!

Charlie Watts puts a fricken enorgic beat behind that dance-happy band, that's tight as a gnat's tw**, and needs no introduction. In fact, one could play a drum intro from the Stones, and we'd know what it is.

Here's a live take on Mr Watts. We wish the late M Barinec could've got within spitting distance.

Check out Keith Richards following Charlie, not the bassist. As he said, "Charlie is the bed I lie on". And he certainly keeps Mick's ass tight as a button. There are no great bands without a competent – if not great – drummer. (Even U2 and, we gulp down the medicine here, mebbe Coldplay*).

Again, as with recordings of olde, the drums are in the background of the mix (no twatty CLA snare snap here!), but the performance somehow keeps the drums to the hips. Or the head-nod. Either denomination is fine by us.

FWIW, Trey just stuck his head into the office and said he'd give his left nut to have a drummer of even half this calibre. However, he reserves his right nut for his special lady friend. And the baritone voice.

* Competent, never great. C'mon!

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