The Real Secret of Charisma

Here's a very 90s start to this post:

charisma |kəˈrɪzmə|


1 compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others: she enchanted guests with her charisma.

2 ( pl. charismata |-ˌmətə| ) (also charism |ˈkarˌizəm|)a divinely conferred power or talent.

ORIGIN mid 17th cent. ( sense 2): via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek kharisma, from kharis ‘favor, grace.’

Charisma transcends cash, youth, slimness and education. In a world inundated with cliche, charisma is the rare sparkle of the brut gemstone. The flat-fifth of blues. The green in the face of Rembrandt's self-portraits.

In this video, Leslie's slightly crap dancing doesn't make her less compelling, or sexy. Why? It's because she is who she is, and no one other.

So too for the Jewish-French pop genius, Rumplestiltskinesque, Serge Gainsbourg. And what catches he made.

Hm. Leslie and Jane's similarity here is pure coincidence.

When you next feel down about yourself, your looks, your clumsiness, your unfulfilled geek chic, think of this – zeroing in on who you really are is the secret to charisma. After which, success follows.

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