The Story of Force Majeure

Trey was going through a Tim Hardin phase, and totally in love with "How Can We Hang On To A Dream". Beautiful phrasing, heartstrings strings*.

Here's the ill-fated Tim performing the tune solo.

So like all songwriters, he had to catch some that.

Feeling superblue, after losing someone delightful, a song had to come out somewhere. A song's a journey into the ever-changing truth of who you are, and Hang On To A Dream's verse chord-sequence were the magic carpet on that ride into what became Force Majeure. **

Once there, alongside music's deep-wine-dark seas, Trey had to find the lyrics and vocal melody.

It's always a case of teasing out the right melody, the melody that deserves the song, and matching a lyric to it. Pulling it from the waters, and giving it shape to words. And maybe not even with words, sometimes.

Lastly, the lyric had to say something new on that old old topic. The idea of Force Majeure in law, where unforeseen circumstances prevent you from fulfilling a contract (and what is a love affair if not that?), and all those powers that keep you from the one you love, it just fit right. 

And that's how it goes.

Force Majeure

True love, fallen from the skies above, is a feeling best kept close to heart 

Once opened gates let flood waters inundate, when they're gone what can be done to go on? 

"Someone always pays" 

Shooting stars are but collisions from afar, for all their beauty, they're meaningless 

You're in my constellation for all time, but am past you, across the universe 

"Someone always pays, no one ever stays"

* Apparently, Tim didn't want the strings, which we really don't get here at chez Trey.

** Here are the verse chords for FM: Gmi Fmaj / Ebmaj Dmaj / Cmi Fmaj /Gmi Gmi9. A tweak at the end, compared to Tim's tune.

© A. Power 
Reproduced by permission

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