So glad you made it!

Hey, music-lover! Welcome to the, er, place chez Trey Roque.

Trey's a singer-songwriter operating out of Prague, Czech Republic. This ain't Nebraska, Toto, but we got kolache!

Lyrically? His songs are about men and women, friendships, dogs, and this whole-life-thing thing.

Musically? His songs are about 3 minutes long. Tops.

Sounds like? We think, "Bowie meets Beck on the back of the bus". Why not find out for yourself? 

And let us know what handle we can put on his music, as we're uberly-bad at doing so.


Trey's Way – The Blog

We Need Your Votes! 

Forget the primaries - Trey needs your vote to win the chance to play all of the Czech Republic's big festivals this year.

Simply go to this page, which is in Czech, and vote him up. The list is alphabetical order, so he'll be on page 2, under 'T' for Trey.

We're using In The Morning after your feedback to our last ask – so Team Trey is working a treat! :-)

Playing festivals is a great way for Trey to build his audience, which means he can keep making that lovely music. So please take a moment to vote.

If he…Read more

Killed By Death 

Lemmy, of course, took the highway to hell back in xmastime, but Anthrax's Scott Ian did a send off speech at the funeral is deffo keeping it real.

And the Ace of Spades LP is so heavy you can barely lift it off your ears. Try it!

Music On A Plate 

These days, even the ever so 'umble have a stupid amount of top quality studio kit tucked away in their computer. But somehow, most of us aren't using it to make the stonkingly solid sounds of the golden age of roque n pop. Like, what gives?

One diadem in the crown of fabulicious music was – and, digitally, remains – what is called a 'plate reverb'. This simulates what most folks call 'echo', which is something else really, for the muso-minded.

Anyway, a plate reverb is a cunning device conjured from bits of…Read more

Trey Plays Caffrey's – Tuesday 26 April 

Hey music lovers. A quick one.

Trey's playing the famous Caffrey's Irish bar on Old Town Square (Staromestke namesti 10) tomorrow night. Kick off 10:30 pm.

He'll be doing a show of his own stuff plus a fistful or two of cover songs. Free entrance, and a fine pint of Guinness awaits you. You have to pay for Guinness, of course.

So come along, bring your friends, for a singalong to something old, something new, something borrowed and...Read more

Steve Vai Wasn't In Mr Big, But He's Mr Big.... For Some! 

(Things get bad to worse in blog title land, don't they?)

Here at Power's Towers. we're a bit split about Steve's spanking output. Some of us eat it all and smile, others (who get the chance to editorialise) think it didn't get better than playing sideman with FZ, doing the Flexable LP, and co-shredding with Billy Sheehan for DLR.

And if that sounds like muso-ese, send us an owl, and we'll learn you all that great music and what it means....

Steve always struck us a thoughtful guy, though, and here's the…Read more


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Previous events

Trey Roque – Plays – J J Murphys

J J Murphy's, Trziste 4, Praha 1

It's a late one with Trey and the lovely people at J J Murphy's Irish pub.

Free entrance – bring a friend and good times!

Trey Roque – plays J J Murphy's

J J Murphy's, Trziste 4, Praha 1

Another fab chance to drink tasty Guinness while listening to the tasty music of Trey.

(Some people think Trey's tasty too.)

Trey Roque EP

by Trey Roque

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The uber-roquing EP of the year! With eagles that fight!

  1. 1 You Don't Give Me Your Love (You Give Me Your Body) 02:31 Lyrics
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  2. 2 Fool In Love 01:56 Info
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  3. 3 Something Ain't Right 02:54 Lyrics
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  4. 4 Ai! Yai! Yai! Ya! 01:33 Lyrics
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Bands We Like

The Franklin Electric. Deffo check out the title track. Plus, lots of birds in the art! FTW!

Genesis – Duke. A very personal connection to the only Genesis LP Trey likes. Buy it wherever.

The much missed Elliot Smith. Oscar winner and torch songster for nerds.

We were into Serge Gainsbourg long before the hipsters. It's a long story. Seriously.

Joni Mitchell kicked ass. A phenomenal songwriter, singer and musician. Trey is deeply in debt to her, if you're canny enough to spot the references.

Lou Reed was always an asshat. But once upon a time he was a talented one. And if you didn't know him personally, that was okay. Check out the Sugarplum Fairy reference Trey makes in an upcoming album.

Ken Scott, while no muso, was key to some of the best music of the early 70s. In other words, the best music ever. His fingerprints are all over some uberly amazing recordings. David Bowie, Mahavishnu Orchestra, the Beatles, Devo and, yes, Lou Reed.

No need to introduce the White Stripes. Other than the fact that Meg is always welcome chez Roque, were she to plomp her butt down on the drum stool.

Was once a time when you weren't allowed a girlfriend if you liked Rush. Happily, along with the ability to code, this is no longer de rigeur. Trey now wishes he could code....

Elvis ain't dead. Along with his early days thumping sardonicism, he also wore specs. Kewl. (Here's a rare cut that means a lot to any fans of Scully).

Now for the mind-blowing stuff.

Remember when you would switch the TV on and some wild shiitake would give you a trip? Well, here's the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Heavy metal never sounded so good. 

John upped the ante (and this is one of Miles Davis' guitarists here, y'know) with Shakti. The only guitarist that makes Trey wish he had chops. (Ass kicking begins 0:42).

This is a more than fair rendition of Bartok's most popular piece. We dare you to play this full volume at night, with the lights out.

Another movie favourite. Spot how many times it's used.

Trey's reprobate uncles would wear the gear for this early 70s phenomenon, but hadn't a scooby about the foundations.