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Hey, music-lover! Welcome to the, er, place chez Trey Roque.

Trey's a singer-songwriter operating out of Prague, Czech Republic. This ain't Nebraska, Toto, but we got kolache!

Lyrically? His songs are about men and women, friendships, dogs, and this whole-life-thing thing.

Musically? His songs are about 3 minutes long. Tops.

Sounds like? We think, "Bowie meets Beck on the back of the bus". Why not find out for yourself? 

And let us know what handle we can put on his music, as we're uberly-bad at doing so.


Trey's Way – The Blog

Stranger Things – The TV Show Theme That Owns the 80s 

No, your eyeballs do not trick you, and Trey’s not being parsimonious with the blog titles (which, let’s admit it, the price goes up a dollar more).

Yes, a sweet retro title sequence. Nice and simple. In that Stephen King font.* 

Yes again, nice warm synths, with echoes of Tangerine Dream, the music from Salem’s Lot, and prolly an early Cronenberg joint.

The mix is pretty darn good at keeping the simple pulse going, while shifting our attention around a bit in the stereo field. 

And we can’t forget the…

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Stranger Things – The TV Show That Toadally Owns the 80s 

Trey made the mistake of getting into Netflix recently. He insists he’s not wasting time into the sinkhole of quality audio-visual entertainment, but doing ‘valuable research’.* 

One upside is there is some chewy stuff to sink your teeth into, isn’t there? Stranger Things brings the chew.

Set in early 80s ruraliana (that’s an Indianan small town), three boys are in search of their missing friend. They meet a monosyllabic girl with psychic powers and a shaved head. Meanwhile, the adults are doing stuff too…

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Bob Dylan – The Wizard 

A man asks a fish, "What's it like breathing water all the time?". The fish says, "What's water?"

There's something elating and sickening about Bob Dylan's oeuvre, his egg that truly roqued for two decades – slapping every other artist's output in the chops with aforementioned fish from above. Indeed, he was the eggman.

Elating, 'cos the man is a colossus of vocal stylings, verse, musical composition, and artistic vision. And he was a snappy dresser, with muchos grandes cojones, paving the way for even the…Read more

Roamin' Hands & Russian Fingers 

Here's a quick one, stringing from the Groniad. A Russian site of guitar lessons.

If you want to improve your guitar playing, there's only your hours put into the woodshed to stop you. After all, if it's good enough for Dave Mustaine, it ought to be good enough for youse. Click on the pic!

Here's a back story on how the site grew from one kid in the 90s, to the, er, rather big thing it is now.Read more

New Vid – Let Me Count The Ways 

Not all songs are true stories. And this is one of those.

Having wrung out a new-to-him chord sequence last week, Trey stitched this one together from some odds and ends laying about on the floor.

Bmi  /  Bb6  /  F#

Thought about Elliot Smith some, as the summer sun beat down. Dory Previn and the Hollywood sign. Bernard Hermann, in a curtains-drawn parlour, not too far from the Universal Studios lot. The bums of Bunker Hill, and a certain detective. Being all upset and such is perhaps worse when the world is…Read more

Happy Birthday – Robert 'Percy' Plant! 

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, babeeee!

That last one is sung VERY high.

Robert Plant brought the thunder to an already thunderous ensemble – Pagey, Bonzo and JPJ. Starting out in Led Zeppelin at the age of 19, he was everything the roque template required of a singer – the sexual appetite of a bull on viagra, enormous lungs that could pitch stratocasterly, cod blues lyrics tinged with a tad of Tolkien, and a big tadger.

Many have been the impersonators (*cough* Mr Coverdale), but like the rest of the band – no…Read more

What Trey Did In The Summer 

Probably the least click bait title in the history of blogs. Whatever.

Some time ago, Trey climbed that mountain and wrote a full length novel. But he held the fries. Junk Food is the result – a science-fiction satire about a space trucker who becomes a vampire. Yeah.

Thinking that peeps likes vampires (before it was kind of done to undeath) and begrudgingly like SF too, especially movies n shows, he slammed the two genres together. And, being the tinkerer he is at heart, there's also a fair dollop of pulpy…Read more

New Vid – Fancy My Chances 

Trey don't st-st-stop da beat. Somewhere in the garage of his mind, he's writing up some new sensations for your jaded senses.+

He is always being told, by fans and the Internet-Ones-Who-Know that vid is THE way to share, and he got to starting sharing a LOT more anyways. Less living in that ivory tower is good for you, Trey! Especially when you got no hair to Rapunzel by!

To this end, he's swallowed his chagrin and started doing vids of him playing. Down to popular demand!*

Fancy My Chances is what it appears…Read more

Birthday Trifecta! – Kate, Geddy n Elliot! 

Some people feel the cold more than others, and they tend to 'pour the biskwik+' sooner than hardier types.

So after them ugggin the bumplies** – we get a clutch of birthdays bumped in the summer.

Now – imagine a band made up of these glittering solstician [Eh?: Ed] musical comets? [Too much, too much!: Ed]. This could just be comprised of today's blog-topics. Q.v. the post title.

Geddy Lee (29 July) needs no introduction to those who know him. Obviously. Another roquin' Jew bringing the rocket sauce to…Read more

Trash it! – When Pop Kicks Ass 

We don't need to persuade the unpersuadable, but ...

Music first and foremost is about the emotion. And sometimes that emotion is taking the piss. While you can also wiggle yo ass.

To wit:

LMFAO make best use of the MTV body complex, but defy it with their afros and 80s bustamoves. Props!*

And maybe their budget for hot models. But hey.

The main problem with true contemporary pop is – there's is so much drekk, it's hard to find the trash. As adults, we just got to let the trash flow on in as it when, pending…Read more

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Trey Roque Plays – Stara Mydlarna, Melnik, Friday June 2

Stara Mydlarna, Náměstí Karla IV. 140, Mělník, 276 01

Klub Stará mydlárna nabízí všem zájemcům možnost pořádat koncerty, festivaly, divadelní vystoupení a výstavy. Je zde také možnost rezervace pro pořádání narozeninových oslav, soukromých večírků a podobných akcí.

Fab news for music lovers just outside of Prague, CZ. Trey'll be doing a show at Stara Mydlarna, Melnik, Friday night, 21:00, 3rd June.

Entrance is 100Kc. Plenty of parking in front of the club. Anything else your need to know – just email us.

As ever, bring your friends and spread the Trey Roque word. Word!