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Hey, music-lover! Welcome to the, er, place chez Trey Roque.

Trey's a singer-songwriter operating out of Prague, Czech Republic. This ain't Nebraska, Toto, but we got kolache!

Lyrically? His songs are about men and women, friendships, dogs, and this whole-life-thing thing.

Musically? His songs are about 3 minutes long. Tops.

Sounds like? We think, "Bowie meets Beck on the back of the bus". Why not find out for yourself? 

And let us know what handle we can put on his music, as we're uberly-bad at doing so.


Trey's Way – The Blog

Reasons To Be Cheerful 

According to Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – in order to paint the perfect picture, make yourself perfect. Then paint a picture.*

In this spirit of this, we at Power's Towers are always looking for another 1% to keep our edges sharp, and our wits sharper.

To wit: the gratitude diary.

According to realnotbogusatallandactuallyfactuallycorrect science, peeps who keep a diary of gratitudes for every day (with 5 items per day) have a 25% higher happiness rating than the comparison group (i.e. mardy bums)…Read more

Guitar Solos – Macht Shau! #2 

As posted in Macht Shau! #1, we're true believers in giving youse guys a fab night out. At least, the musical element of it, anyway.

But then, eventually, comes the guitar solo. Trey admits, yes, he has a penchant for noodling, wigging out, or simply indulging in some hot licks. Sometimes, he even plays the guitar. Improvisation is a much lost art in the rock world (not the roque world, happily), and we're holding out for it.

Sadly, with tap-dancing, singing and keeping up the rhythm guitar, Trey doesn't get…Read more

Stairway to Litigation 

As of last week, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page (or ought that be Jimmy Page's Led Zeppelin?) was in the dock to give testimony on copyright infringement on the opening chords to Stairway to Heaven.

Well, as we say in the biz, "Where there's a hit there's a writ". Even if said writ is a bit late in the writting.

Now, the only time the legal profession makes music more interesting is when it's Breaking the Law, or I Fought the Law & the Law Won.* But this case has a few intellectual nibbles related to the big issue…Read more

Orchestra En Regalia – Praha Style 

We had the chance to see the Frank Zappa event at the Prague Proms this weekend. It was kinda fun!

Here's the spiel:

The Zappa Family Trust and Columbia Artist Management are proud to present Musics by Frank Zappa - Orchestra En Regalia on Saturday June 18 at Dvorak Hall, Rudolfinium, Prague, as part of the PROMS Prague 12th Annual International Music Festival. The performance will feature Joe Travers (Drums), Scott Thunes (Bass), Jamie Kime (Guitar) and Ian Underwood (Piano) with the Czech National Symphony…

Read more

Learn the Bleedin' Music – Macht Shau! #1 

In some kind of very hard stone (rock, perhaps?), 'tis written – Macht Shau! 

Now, this commandment was handed down from a dodgy nightclub owner in Hamburg, to our favourite mop-tops, The Beatles. Back when they was a bubbling stew of alchemical potential*. 

And here at Power's Towers, we are reaaaally traditional about the things that matter. Your evening's entertain is one of them. 

After all, you put your calendar in order, get your ass down to the venue through inclement weather conditions ±, pays…

Read more

Happy Birthday – Macca! 

Our favourite Beatle*, Paul McCartney enjoys his 74th birthday today.

Macca (to us and his friends) is still bringing new music out every year, and he remains refreshingly open about his process. Para-quote, "I still don't really know what I'm doing". One thing is clear, is his love of music and creativity shine still. Roque on, that man!

Here he is in podcast interviews:

All Songs Considered interview.

* Of course, they're all our favourite Beatles. But for George.Read more

Placeholder @ Stara Mydlarna – Story of the Song 

Trey's always turning over rocks to see what's underneath them. Musically speaking.

Real rocks are a bit too gooey underneath, or have biting spiders and cheesed off vipers. Or he's too puny to turn them over, which is why he sticks to musical ones. That's the real reason.

Regardless, he was noodling with ideas lifted from Frank Zappa, particularly the '2nd no third' chord*. From this, lassitude kicked in and he simply slid his hand up and down the neck, playing a pedal note (that's a note you keep playing…Read more

Mary Magdalene @ Stara Mydlarna – Story of the Song 

Trey once had a thang about Mary Magdalene. And, like any good Catholic boy (or girl!), why not?

After all, MM is the only woman with any sass in the bible, even though she did that kinda kinky washing feet with tears thing.

Anyway, as the closest thing to JC as a girlfriend he's meant of have had (but, really, a rockstar like that? Hmmm.), and, no Freudianism not left unturned, with the same name as his mam, she's certainly worth a second look. Especially if her amanuensis is Barbara Hershey...

Naturally…Read more


The day after the Axl/DC show, Trey spoke a bit louder than usual. It was also a good opportunity to ask for favours, as his only response was, "Yeah?".

While 'DC may not today reach their historic 130dB (dB= decibels) of rock climbing (!), front of stage was about 110dB *+ the screaming of surrounding ladies in the range of 1-5K, the most sensitive range of hearing for males. Sorry, everyone.

There's another Scots connection here though, as the decibel is 10th of a "Bell", after the famous Scottish…Read more

Clutch Hitter's Song @ Stara Mydlarna – You Guys Roque! 

The old soap factory certainly cleans it up on the roque front.

Rarely have we been treated so nicely (thanks Eda!), had such great sound (thanks Ruda!), and great bar staff (we got too drunk to recall). And, no doubt, a lovely audience who'd we love to take home, even though we've only a crunchy sofa bed and gin in the fridge for accomodations.

Stara Mydlarna is a wicked cool place in Melnik (!yes!), harking back to the golden age of rock'n'roll, i.e. the 70s. To wit:

And lovely sound. Like here:

Just watch…Read more


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Previous events

Trey Roque Plays – Stara Mydlarna, Melnik, Friday June 2

Stara Mydlarna, Náměstí Karla IV. 140, Mělník, 276 01

Klub Stará mydlárna nabízí všem zájemcům možnost pořádat koncerty, festivaly, divadelní vystoupení a výstavy. Je zde také možnost rezervace pro pořádání narozeninových oslav, soukromých večírků a podobných akcí.

Fab news for music lovers just outside of Prague, CZ. Trey'll be doing a show at Stara Mydlarna, Melnik, Friday night, 21:00, 3rd June.

Entrance is 100Kc. Plenty of parking in front of the club. Anything else your need to know – just email us.

As ever, bring your friends and spread the Trey Roque word. Word!

Trey Roque – Plays – J J Murphys

J J Murphy's, Trziste 4, Praha 1

It's a late one with Trey and the lovely people at J J Murphy's Irish pub.

Free entrance – bring a friend and good times!

Trey Roque – plays J J Murphy's

J J Murphy's, Trziste 4, Praha 1

Another fab chance to drink tasty Guinness while listening to the tasty music of Trey.

(Some people think Trey's tasty too.)

Trey Roque EP

by Trey Roque

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The uber-roquing EP of the year! With eagles that fight!

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